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Any kind of roofing work can seem complex and trying, but the experts at Dessert Companies have the skills and experience needed to restore your roof to proper working order. Our parent company, Dessert Companies in Kansas, has become known as the best of the best in roofing restoration services, and we look forward to continuing this legacy in our own community.


We use proven products from world-class manufacturers like GAF and Owens Corning, and we have achieved the highest levels of certification available from these roofing pros. All of our technicians are fully trained and certified to carry out work needed. Their friendly, knowledgeable attitudes will put you at ease throughout the entire process. We care about our customers and the relationships we build with you!

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Greeley, Boulder, Colorado Springs
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2190 N Bryant St
Denver, CO
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Jeremiah Broz
Jeremiah Broz has extensive experience in ownership and management, making him an ideal leader for Dessert Companies. He began as a franchise owner for College Pro Painters when he was just 19, and his was the highest producing rookie franchise in the division. Soon after he became a record-producing GM and the youngest VP promoted at that time. He led a profitable division for two years before deciding to purchase a Floor Coverings International Franchise.
PositionBusiness Director
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