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 About Denver Tax & Bookkeeping - I simply strive to accomplish two goals: To provide you with high quality services, and to save you time and money. My business model is based on the merger of technology and a highly streamlined internal fulfillment process, the result of which is a powerful one-stop shop, providing you with the essential back-office services you need to manage and grow your small business.


Denver Tax & Bookkeeping is family-owned and operated right here in Denver Metro, CO. Other companies may offer similar services, but my services offer the best combination of price, knowledge and come with a personal touch. I am the principal accountant and hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting, and a Masters in Professional Accountancy with a specialization in Tax.


I am a professional accountant trained for the 21st century business. I do everything remotely, using my centralized data processing method. Just send me certain key documents (via fax, email, or mail) and I do the rest. No need to drive through traffic to meet with your accountant, and no need to try to get them to return your calls. I am there for you at the click of a button or a phone call away. I answer all our emails usually within a couple of hours and I don't charge any additional fees. Call me, and most likely, you'll reach me live.

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Denver Metro
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  • • Complete Tax Services
  • • 21st Century Bookkeeping
  • • Accountant Assisted Payroll
  • • QuickBooks, PeachTree & Excel Compatible
  • • Safe & Secure Access
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4475 Aragonne St
Denver, CO
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We provide a wide variety of accounting, tax and financial management services. Clients are located in towns like Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, Englewood, Cherry Hills, Highlands Ranch, Parker, and more.


You're not IBM or General Motors. You're an entrepreneur, doing what you do best and competing in a tough market. As a business owner you’re probably on the go a lot. So why did you purchase that off-the-shelf accounting software that you heard everyone else is using?


As an entrepreneur you do things differently, you are an expert in your own field, and you know good advice is worth the price. I am an expert in accounting and tax. I know that small businesses have specific needs and tracking the critical numbers of your small business can mean the difference between prolonged success and disappointing failure.


If you have any questions concerning services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will help find the best solutions for you.
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